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Marketing Project Manager

We are GRAYBOX, an award-winning digital consulting agency located in Portland, OR. We plan, design, and build digital brands and experiences—including websites, applications, and eCommerce platforms. Whatever we do, we have a positive, long-lasting impact on our partners’ business. We pride ourselves on our ability to wrap our heads around complex problems and overcome challenges as a team. Plus, we have some fun along the way.

Project Managers at GRAYBOX will work closely with clients, creatives, and cross-disciplinary teams. They keep stakeholders up-to-date on progress and steward exceptionally well-crafted work. This position is at the helm of a consistent, collaborative process. Project managers maintain data integrity across all projects to monitor and report health and risks while ensuring the team operates smoothly.

Ideal Project Managers

  • Makers: You come from either a design studio or agency background and understand the balance of craft and business

  • Process is Queen: You care profoundly about maintaining and managing the process. You schedule a clear cadence of well-defined deliverables, documenting and disseminating information every step of the way.

  • Consultants: You know when and how to inform, understand, educate, and managing customer expectations and are an expert at distilling and harnessing project goals to drive success.

  • Creative Native: You speak the language of design, user experience, and brand stewardship. At the end of each creative engagement, you ensure a smooth handoff between creative and development teams.

  • Leaders: You feel comfortable organizing and planning, communicating with customers, managing teams of designers and writers while providing visibility to executive sponsors.

  • Self-motivated learners: You know both when to ask questions and when to drive research and discovery. You are growth-minded, seeking to improve yourself, the work, and your team.

  • Motivated to Succeed: Driven to deliver on time, on budget, and with an eye for quality, you never lose sight of the larger goal.

  • Transparent: When budgets fall short, timelines are unachievable, or teams are out of sync, you are comfortable with tough conversations that make for a better project and a better product.

  • Detailed & Data-Driven: You believe in the use of cutting-edge project management tools to manage schedules, budgets, resourcing, and trust in data to drive success

  • Experienced: You have experience as both a producer and client liaison and have a wealth of knowledge to solve challenges and leverage opportunities.

About You

  • Successful candidates will be collaborative, self-motivated, passionate, dependable, and experienced.

  • You are task-oriented, able to direct and motivate the team.

  • You can adapt to the ever-changing landscape of digital brands and are always looking for ways to optimize both product & process.

  • You believe in personal accountability, candor, empathy, empowerment, and making work a source of satisfaction and accomplishment.

  • You’re a team player who possesses both an aptitude for mentorship and an eagerness to learn.

Additional Qualifications

  • Up-to-date experience with current interactive design methods and technologies

  • Ability to guide a client through the web design & development process

  • Committed to an rewarding customer experience

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills

  • Undaunted by concurrent projects and priorities, keeping stress levels in check

  • Committed to culture, morale, and making the internet a better, more usable place

Why Work Here?

GRAYBOX is the premier Digital Consulting Agency in Portland. We're experts in Digital-First Strategy, Creative, Technology and Consulting.

We plan, design and build a variety of digital experiences including websites, web applications, mobile applications, ecommerce stores of all sizes, digital marketing campaigns, videos and virtual reality. If it touches the internet, we probably help with it.

We have about 40 people on staff + an extensive network of local freelancers. The company was founded in early 2009 and is widely regarded as an awesome place to work.

GRAYBOX affirms the diversity of our local communities including race, religion, national or ethnic origin, sexual orientation, and gender identity / expression. We welcome candidates who reflect our growing regional and national diversity.