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Chris Golden

The longer you live, the more you fail. Fail­ure is the mark of a life well lived. In turn, the only way to live with­out fail­ure is to be of no use to anyone.

Brandon Sanderson

Chris was born and raised in the deserts of Tucson, Arizona. He made the move to Oregon in 2015 for the nature, food, and rainy climate, but unexpectedly found a new career in the tech world.

Although Chris has always had a passion for tech, it wasn’t until he was encouraged by his twin that he thought to try out software development. He quickly fell in love with the problem solving, creation, continuous learning, and creative aspects of programming. He soon decided to attend Alchemy Code Lab in PDX to get into the field and has been working as a developer ever since.

In his free time, Chris loves to be outside rock climbing, hiking, and backpacking or spending time with family and friends playing board games, video games, watching movies, and listening to audiobooks. He continues to sharpen his skill as a developer at GRAYBOX on the Applications team.

You have seven days to go around the world. Where do you go and why?

I would go to Thailand for the food, culture, and landscape. I also hear they have some great deep water solo climbing there, and i would love to try that.