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Sr. Developer

Dan Panzella

Wait, wait, wait, wait… what?

Dan Panzella

Hold on. Here's what you do.

Born and raised on the East Coast, Dan is a Portland transplant who, like many others, found his way to Portland while visiting friends, fell in love with the city, and decided to make it his permanent home. An avid Photographer, outdoor enthusiast, and YouTube aficionado, Dan is a the type of individual who enjoys exploring both interesting technology and the wonders of the Pacific Northwest.

With past experience in IT management, financial software development, and educational technology, Dan brings with him a wealth of knowledge across a diverse technical landscape. He is an expert in Application development, Linux System administration, DevOps, and all things Automation related. As part of the Applications Development team, Dan is a professional problem solver who thrives on new challenges and can often be found on the front line of GRAYBOX’s most interesting clients, architecting solutions and frantically waving his hands while debating solutions and communicating complex ideas.

Describe the color yellow to somebody who is blind.

Yellow is tough to describe. It probably looks like how pineapple tastes. Speaking of pineapple, where’s that delivery guy with my pizza?