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Sr. Project Manager

Donica Polce-Leglise

It’s a fea­ture, not a bug.

Donica Polce-Leglise

Donica has nearly nine years of experience managing projects and clients in the agency world. She prides herself on being able to jump into anything but the nerd in her has been drawn to projects in the digital space - web development, UX/design, analytics, SEO. She has a passion for process as a project manager but also believes that the product should not be compromised for the sake of process. She also has a fierce loyalty to her team and actively works on fostering a positive and collaborative environment. Her mission is to elevate her team members to produce their best work while having fun and doing good along the way.

In her spare time she likes traveling, drinking fine whisky, playing with her cat, and jumping from airplanes. That's right, she's currently approaching 400 skydives.

Aliens land and you just became the world's ambassador to them. They ask you to get on the ship. What do you do?

My inquisitive nature says, "Yes, oh my god let's see space!" but my common sense tells me, "Heck no am I getting on a strange ship, especially if there's no candy".