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UX/UI Designer

Elaine Alvarez

Design can be art. Design can be aes­thet­ics. Design is so sim­ple, that’s why it is so complicated.

Elaine Alvarez

Always Willing to Help

Elaine was born on the US and raised on Nicaragua. She is a graphic and web designer, She's worked on different jobs environments for over 7 years. As a person, Elaien is honest, creative, hard-working and passionate about design. In my free time love to color mandalas. My experience in GRAYBOX has been great, it’s a great team, everybody is super gentle, helpful and they are always willing to help. Elaine currently lives in Nicaragua and work remotely for GRAYBOX as a Production designer.

What was your favorite TV show when growing up? Why?

My favorite TV show of all times is Friends. I was really young when this Tv show came to air, but I always love the idea of this group of friends, living in the beautiful city of New York, following their dreams. I've watched the complete 10 seasons more than 10 times.