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Fabian Parra

Nev­er stop learning

Fabian Parra

From Musician to Developer

Fabian is a proud Colombian, married and father of two little girls and a boy. Fabian loves music and technology. Fabian studied music at the university but once he finished my musical studies he started to learn Web Development and ever since he haven't stopped learning and working on the web.

Fabian started developing since 2009, he's had the opportunity to participate in different kind of projects with big companies and brands, to name a few: Clarin News Argentina, Millicom, SABMiller, Gap, Old Navy and even built a site for a former president of Argentina. Fabian have a lot of experience working with different CMS platforms, ecommerce and web apps.

Fabian started working at GRAYBOX on December 2018 as a Support Developer, ever since she's been serving our partners providing support, maintaining and resolving issues on the Sites Team. In my spare time, he like playing guitar and piano, also hanging out with my family and go to the movies.

At which store would you like to go on an unlimited shopping spree and why?

I'd love to get unlimited shopping spree at Guitar Center. I love guitars! if I could I would get all of them! and also every other instrument at the store.