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Technical Architect

Fernando Candia

The best thing you can do for oth­ers is to be grate­ful for their time.


Don't worry, I know I don't grow facial hair

I'm a results-driven person who enjoys challenges and generating innovative ideas from every-day situations. I'm passionate about the power of technology and its adequate application to improve our lives.

Stay tuned @facandiav

What are the 3 most interesting differences between traveling in the US and Mexico?

Here are some of the favorites from my experience traveling to the states:

1) It's actually possible to spend a whole week in the US without using a single dollar in cash. This would be IMPOSSIBLE in Mexico.

2) It's super hard to use the Underground / Rail Service in Mexico City for a very simple reason: there's no compass direction assistance. You must learn the name of the last stop of the line you're using (yeah, I'm good at learning things by memory).

3) This one is super fun... google "what does ahorita mean", including the double quotes