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Creative Practice Manager

Freya Carpenter

I have a spread­sheet for everything.”

Freya Carpenter

Collaboration is key

Freya joins the GRAYBOX team with over five years managing creative projects across a wide array of industries – shopper marketing, CPG, B2B tech campaigns and B2C transportation website development, to name a few. While she began her career in Account Managing, Freya quickly found her stride and developed a passion for Project Management. She thrives in collaborative environments and excels at providing support for her teams. Her holistic background has allowed her to easily integrate into the GRAYBOX family.

Freya moved back to Portland in January 2019 after spending 9 years living around the country. She spent time in Connecticut, Toronto and Arkansas before landing in New York City for 3 years before heading home to the Pacific Northwest.

Besides traveling, she lives for her 2 rescue dogs, Simon and Chimichurri, moonlights as a small organic farmer and is a Julia Child wannabe.

If you were the only human left on Earth, what would you do?

Definitely take a power nap and figure out how to get all the dogs I could find. Probably eat pizza (New York style, of course). I’d also probably need to learn how to fly a plane, too, because that seems like a logical next step.