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Gerardo Mendoza

Friends and rela­tion­ships are all that we have — take care of those you love because in this ter­ri­fy­ing world, at the most scari­est moments, the only thing you can expect is not to feel alone.

Gerardo Mendoza

Time Will Place Things Where They Belong

Gerardo has worked in web programming since he finished his studies at Facultad de Ciencias Fisico Matematicas in Mexico, where he initially went to learn video game programming. All in the while, fate put him on the road to having a career within the world of ecommerce, a profession in which he has found great passion and has excelled in remarkably, with more than 8 years of digital experience working collaboratively on countless projects.Gerardo had many passions growing up. When Gerardo was a child he wanted to be a chef, and although it did not turn out that way, he still retains a great passion for cooking and enjoys doing on his free time. He loves trying new recipes, especially if it involves anything being grilled in any capacity. As a teenager, Gerardo wanted to be a rockstar, a dream that also didn't end up panning out. However, he still keeps playing his guitar and has a playlist full with music from the good ol' days.Currently, Gerardo is focus on becoming an expert in ecommerce marketing and strategy. He considers himself already having mastered most of the "tech" industry, taking daily challenges head-on, but looks forward to learning and adopting more within the digital world.

If you could have everything in the world, what would you have?

If I could have everything, I would feel lost trying to figure out what I want.