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Sr. Producer

Henry Zapata

It is nev­er a good idea to win the argu­ment by los­ing the friend.

Henry Zapata

Henry began his career as a telecommunications engineer in the 2000s when 2G what is the dominant technology in the cellular telephony industry. He led several projects for a national wide network, leading teams of different disciplines to work together and achieve a common goal always focused on the customer.

Little did Henry know that this ability to understand the customer's point of view on the service would become a strong passion for the user experience from a business and product point of view.

Today Henry has over 14 years experience managing projects for several industries as telecommunications, software development, civil work, marketing BTL/ATL, training, business consultancy, even public speakers and several other start ups.

If you could only have 3 apps on your smartphone what would they be?

1. Waze, cause this is a big city, getting lost is really easy for me.
2. Notes, cause I always meet interesting people with very interesting ideas that add to a book I am writing.
3. Whatsapp, cause my family and friends won’t use Telegram!