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VP of Production

Jacob Parker

Just make sure the juice is worth the squeeze

Jacob Parker

Being agile is really just a mindset

Born and raised in the mythical land of Los Angeles, Jacob spent his childhood as a professional actor and was fortunate to find success early. Being the oldest of 6 children and the primary supporter of his family by the age of 8, he learned the value of hard work, gratitude and perseverance. As a teen, Jacob loved sports, but as his dreams of becoming a baseball player fizzled out, he discovered the bass guitar and joined a band.

Of course, any band at that time needed 3 things: a hot singer, a killer Myspace page and a working website. He did what any kid would do — he checked out, "HTML for Dummies" from the local library, jumped on his dial-up modem and got to work. He was hooked. The more he learned, the more passionate he became. Not just about writing code but lead generation, and more specifically, human behavior.

As a student of psychology, he was fascinated by what motivates people to make decisions. He learned the values and strategies of UI/UX design, and why some things are more captivating to the masses than others. How could he become more intuitive at generating behaviors and designing seamless online experiences to create success? It was another puzzle he had to solve. His freelance career as a designer/developer quickly moved from building websites to building dynamic teams. He leveraged his experiences, and learned to lead.

This eventually brought him to heading the Interactive Division of a start-up design company, focusing on visual effects, concept art, game design, web & mobile apps, and visual effects for clients including Floyd Mayweather, The Money Team, Trustwave, Digital Domain, Arbonne, Sony, Alpha Graphics and McDonalds. Working with people to understand their needs and pain points, he was helping drive solutions that met business goals while doing what he loved.

As Applications Practice Director at GRAYBOX, he prides himself on being a problem solver and helping people. He's driven to understanding a business as well as the owner does, while leading a team of talented GRAYBOX developers in designing useful and meaningful products.

When Jacob isn't doing what he loves professionally, you can find him playing golf, wine tasting in Chehalem, or on rare occasions laying down a funky sweet bass line to some of your favorite classics at a local pub.

What would you do with your “15 minutes” of fame?

I'd probably hide, and try to wait it out. I'm really not one for attention.