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Marketing Strategist

Jane Quan

The only thing that stays the same is every­thing changes.

Tracy Lawrence

Jane Quan is on the Move

Like, all the time. Literally. She was born in northern China, studied in Paris, meditated in Tibet, froze her butt off in Antarctica, popped into Argentina, worked in Seoul, honeymooned in India, got her butt back backpacking in Thailand, and got that same backpack stolen by monkeys in Ubud, Indonesia. Now, Jane’s moved to Portland to continue her career in digital marketing because Portland is a city full of unlimited potential, and digital marketing is a whole wide world all by itself.

She wants to put all her experiences to the test in the online world, so digital marketing is her forte, her thing. She’s a globe trotter with a mouse, a guru with a keyboard, and watch out – she knows how to use that stylus. But more than anything, Jane’s a mover and a doer. She gets things done, and she knows there are no real limits to what she can do because the only thing that stays the same is everything changes, everything changes. So, let’s get moving.

What are the three most fun and fascinating differences between living in the US and Korea?

1) Knowing how to drive is an essential survival skill in the US; in Korea, you just have to live within walking distance of a subway station.

2) It's no longer odd that I work out 4 times a week.

3) I can buy grass-fed milk and yogurt in the supermarket, which is great because it's SUPER good!