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Project Manager

John Surratt

Treat oth­ers as you would like to be treated.

John Surratt

Figuring out what could go wrong before it does.

I grew up in an amazing “little” college town called Missoula. Being from Montana, I was raised to appreciate the outdoors and all of it’s natural beauty. I love spending time playing and watching sports, hanging with animals, exploring the outdoors and date nights with my wife.

After graduating from my hometown college with a degree in digital media, my fiancé and I decided to move to Portland, OR and start our new life together in a bigger market.
My love for all things tech must come from my dad, who worked for IBM when I was young. He grew up tearing things apart (everything from guns to televisions) and then putting them back together with his dad.

I started my digital career by experimenting with Wordpress websites in college for my online portfolio. My love for everything digital only grew from there. I like to think of my projects as a concert. There is so much work that goes into the setup of a project before you can even begin the work, whether that’s an app or a website. Not a lot of people can see what is happening until the product is launched. It’s the same with riggers, stagehands and audio/video engineers pre-concert. They are setting up the lights, the speakers, the rigging, the stage etc… No concert or project can happen without all the individual little tasks being accomplished leading up to the start. I love working in the shadows and making all the little things work before the show starts!

My goal is to push myself mentally and learn from all of the creative minds we have here at GRAYBOX.

What’s one thing most people don’t know about you?

I had surgery in highschool to replaced a dead bone in my wrist