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Marketing Practice Manager

Kelly Knowles

The ques­tion isn’t What are we going to do,’ the ques­tion is what aren’t we going to do?

Ferris Bueller

Rarely assume.

Kelly is born and raised right here in Portland, and has a balanced mixture of embracing the new and trendy, and recalling fondly a simpler time when Portland had some international anonymity and didn’t have its own TV show. She graduated from UO with a journalism degree and has since spent 16 years immersed in the wide world of digital marketing.

Her career started at Yahoo!, and has meandered through in-house marketing roles, agency account and leadership roles, and even field world for a political action committee. Today she’s thrilled to be managing Graybox’s marketing practice and working with a group of such driven, passionate, and collaborative partners.

Kelly lives on Mt. Tabor with her husband and two little boys and takes her role as Pun Coach and Primary-Embarrasser-Of-Kids very seriously. She’s excited to pass on her love of Ridley Scott and Tarantino but thinks 3 might be a bit too young for first-time screenings of “Alien” and “Reservoir Dogs.”

What, or who, are you a “closet” fan of? (example: an artist that you’re embarrassed to admit you like)

You might tell yourself you like a couple of their hits, but you’re not really a “fan.” You might even admit (to yourself) that you’re a moderate fan but you definitely wouldn’t admit it to anyone else. Plus, it’s not like you listen to them more than any other band. Until you look at your workout playlist and realize they have more songs on there than any other single musical group. What do you do with that information?

I’m bringing it here. I’m telling you, NAY, the world, that I love Matchbox Twenty. Don’t know who they are? Congrats on still having your youth. But Rob Thomas has pipes, he has predictably catchy melodies, and remember that time he teamed up with Santana? Yeah I do too. So smooth.