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Sr. Developer

Lucas Jorge

The past is his­to­ry; The future is a mys­tery; This moment is a gift; That is why this moment is called the present; Enjoy it.”

Lucas Jorge

Lucas was born a Friday morning and he always lived in the beautiful Villa Crespo neighborhood in Buenos Aires. From early on he was into videogames, spending hours with his Sega Genesis after he came back from school. At some point he started to like doing other things, like playing soccer, but he always knew he would be better with screens and buttons.

After high school, Lucas started studying Information Systems Engineering and found his first job as PHP Developer. By developing himself in that field he met Magento several years ago and he specialized in it.

In his free time, Lucas enjoys biking through the city and discovering nice places for dinner or tea time. He also likes to play soccer with friends, although he's not that good with his feet as he is with a gamepad.

What was your childhood nickname and how did you get it?

My nickname in Elementary School was Jorsh. They initially translated my last name to George, then for some time they called me Porsche because I was a fan of cars and it sounded in a similar way. Eventually they went back and merged the Spanish and English sounds with Jorsh.