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Marc Gray

Don’t let fatigue make a cow­ard out of you”

Steve Prefontaine

I never thought of running; my feet just led the way.

Marc's path to a career in software development, much like many of his life's paths, has been circuitous. Though he developed an enthusiasm for computers and problem-solving at an early age and studied computer science in college, he spent the better part of his twenties in the power generation industry, assisting in remaining life assessments of many of our country’s aging fossil fuel power generation facilities (as well as a handful of wind energy generation facility assessments to boot). Though the work was interesting and (mostly) fulfilling, welcoming a son into his life changed Marc’s perspective on how much time traveling for work was acceptable and sustainable. Fast forward to the present day and he is fully integrated into the world of software (especially front end web development) with the help of a local code school, a lot of humility, and many generous mentors.

Marc can program in a variety of languages and frameworks but feels most at home when he's creating complex UIs with React and its extensive toolchain. He believes strongly that code is read many more times than it is written and should, therefore, be highly digestible by other programmers. He is an adherent to the principles of DRY and KISS and finds terms such as "Code Ninja" and "JavaScript Wizard" to be obnoxious and eye-roll-inducing. He thoroughly enjoys teaching and explaining often opaque technical concepts to those who believe themselves to be less than proficient with technology.

Born in Germany (ya, Ich kann ein bisschen Deutsch sprechen) and raised in North Carolina, Marc has been a Portland resident since 2012 and can scarcely imagine living anywhere else. His passions include distance running, hiking/camping/backpacking, music, and 1990s pop culture. He loves his wife Jamie and son Abraham very much and adores adventuring as a trio. He has strong opinions on the best ninja turtle (Donatello), the best Indiana Jones (Temple of Doom), and the best football team (Liverpool). You can find him on local running trails, at any number of coffee shops, or playing vintage coin-op video games.

What's something that everyone else thinks is normal, but you think is insane? Why?

The hatred of pineapple on pizza seems insane to me. It's delicious, guys. Seriously. Evolve or die.