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Account Strategist

Neil Sniffen

7 per­cent of sta­tis­tics are made up on the spot

Steven Wright

An Unabashedly Proud Jayhawk.

Neil's background is a mixture of digital, content, brand and UX strategy and analysis with a few years spent teaching high school English thrown into the mix for good measure. His approach is based on his passion for inspiring and educating people and businesses towards a better version of themself and their company. Neil relies on data to drive the direction of all decisions. This firm belief has helped him create a track record of successful long-term strategies and solutions for companies.

In Neil's other life, he is married and has two young boys. He's obsessed with guitars, sports and music and can often be found at home trying desperately to lead his children away from Baby Shark and towards ANYTHING ELSE. He also plays soccer and can be found at almost every Portland Timber's home game.

In one sentence, how would you sum up the internet?

The Internet is the best and worst thing to happen to humanity; it also allowed me to understand how to properly use a semi-colon.