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Sr. Consultant

Siri Khalsa

Fail fast” is an excuse for peo­ple who can’t execute.

Siri Khalsa

Super Important and Serious

Personal background is a bit odd — grew up as a Sikh, attending summer camps and then a boarding school in India. During and after college Siri's focus was on international development and non-profit work. Then was a pivot towards project management, digital marketing and management. At Bright Light Ventures we bootstrapped several new physical and digital product launches. Since then a number of years were spent running the ecommerce businesses of a couple local Portland retail companies. After working on the merchant side of things, Siri moved to the agency side of ecommerce with GRAYBOX in 2018.

What is the tallest thing you have jumped off of?

I was able to spend several months backpacking around Southeast Asia, and during that time spent a week climbing in Thailand. It was my first time for Deepwater Soloing, and the biggest jump/fall was about 15 meters above water! Luckily no belly flop, but it certainly feels a lot higher than in the pictures.