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Sr. SEO Marketing Strategist

Trenton Erker

Enter action with bold­ness. When you act, be bold — and if you make mis­takes, cor­rect them with even greater boldness.

Robert Green

From hot dogs to agency

Trenton learned the importance of marketing when someone recommended his hot dog cart on Facebook in 2009.

In college he thought himself an entrepreneur and sold supplements and beef dogs. His companies were Meathead Nutrition & T-Dog’s Regional Doggie Styles. When not slanging supps or buns, he cooked eggs at Denny’s.

Post college, Trenton decided to learn to sell and work hard. He sold fitness training, and changed Kenworth oil filters. He realized diesel trucks were harder work than he expected, and that callouses weren’t his thing. For 4 years he moonlighted as a web dev, SEO, and advertising freelancer in search of softer hands.

He left the shop, worked for some agencies, and once he earned his computer hands, started his own. He sold it 2 years ago and was on the hunt for the perfect team to join. In January 2023, he found that team in GRAYBOX.

He enjoys learning languages, exercise, Star Wars, teaching marketing, YouTube debates and podcasts, and traveling.

What is the nerdiest thing you do in your spare time and why do you like to do it?

Watch and read about Star Wars. I recently got into it and all of the Canon. I've finished every single series on Disney+.