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Sales Writing

Writing for sales is basically writing for persuasive argument. It’s a little subliminal and it’s generally both exciting and non-specific.

Persuade and Influence

Everyone gets sold, but people hate getting sold at the same time. A great sales copy sells without seeming like it’s selling.

Writing for Sales is a subtle artform.

It requires an understanding of your audience deep enough that you get their motivations, goals and ideally their demographic information. The way you would write sales content for a 60-year-old grandfather (generally serious & straightforward) is going to be different than a 16-year-old teenager (generally funny & memorable).

Once you know who you are writing to, you need to understand what you are selling. Pick out the elements that you want to highlight for your respective audience and write it up. We want to craft a simple message that is memorable, but still precise enough to land your point. Persuasive copy is generally more open about what it's doing.

Influence content is the other side of the coin. It’s not overtly stated, rather we’re trying to demonstrate or hint at your point in a subtle way.

Either way, GRAYBOX can help your write compelling content for both persuasion and influence.

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