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Cyclone Bicycle Supply: Cyclone Rebrand and Redesign 

GRAYBOX worked with Cyclone Bicy­cle Sup­ply on a vari­ety of dif­fer­ent projects, all of which stem from one of their most impor­tant projects, a brand redesign. GRAYBOX has worked to improve their mar­ket­ing and specifics of their online pres­ence, but none could be pos­si­ble with­out under­stand­ing what Cyclone’s brand meant for them and their consumers.

Overall Outcome

GRAYBOX took the time to under­stand Cyclone’s audi­ence and cre­ate a brand that bet­ter reflects the val­ues and atti­tude of that audience.

The Results

Cyclone had a brand that allowed them to excel with­in their mar­ket­ing efforts and improve their website.

  • 60,000
    Products Under One Brand
  • 8
    New Brand Assets

The Overall Problem

Cyclone Bicycle Supply is a wholesale bicycle parts distributor known for offering a vast inventory or products to bike shops in all 50 states and in 12 countries around the world.
Cyclone came to GRAYBOX with what seemed to be marketing needs. Cyclone believed that they had much room for improvement in their marketing sphere. Although this was true, after completing a thorough audit of the company, it was apparent that their initial struggle lay within the operation side of things.

GRAYBOX determined that in order to become the digital-first company they wanted to be, improvements to their brand and website were essential. As plans to rebrand and redesign presented themselves, GRAYBOX worked with Cyclone to create an entirely new logo and brand feel that better reflected their vision and purpose. The rebranding allowed GRAYBOX to create a new ERP that was able to better support integration within the new website, something their former website wasn’t able to do.

Our old brand had some much green it hurt — I’m glad that we worked with GRAYBOX to redo our brand in 2016 into a more pro­fes­sion­al, stream­lined and excit­ing direc­tion. The GRAYBOX team was col­lab­o­ra­tive and came up a lots of great ideas to present us in a bet­ter light.

Tyler Robertson, Marketing Manager, Cyclone

Our Solution

GRAYBOX’s solution lay within a multi-step strategic plan to improve Cyclone’s overall operations while establishing an accurate foundational plan for future marketing and technical operational projects for Cyclone. The following steps required close collaboration with key leaders in developing a vision for the future.

1. Brand Reenvision & Consumer Analysis

In order for Cyclone Bicycle Supply to find long-term success, they needed a brand they believed in and aligned well with what their customers would invest in sustainably. This would also be a vital step in successfully setting up long-term marketing efforts with a timely website design. GRAYBOX met regularly strategizing with the Cyclone team to understand what they envisioned for the brand moving forward. Through these regular discussions, GRAYBOX gained a better understanding of their specific vision. Cyclone wanted their rebranding to cater to and focus on three types of biking, adventure, competitive, and urban cycling. They wanted Cyclone to reflect other trusted outdoor brands, such as Patagonia and Salsa Cycles and as they were expanding to other areas beyond just the Pacific Northwest, their brand had to be adaptable to other regions across the nation. Within this process of creating a vision, it was important to understand what what their customers valued most. After creating various customer profiles, GRAYBOX and Cyclone were able to collectively move forward with their brand creation.

2. Logo Concepting, Redesign, & Mockups

GRAYBOX began working on the brand and design refresh to better reflect Cyclone’s vision and desired audience with first redesigning their logo and identity. GRAYBOX designers created a wide array of logo sketches, all of which stemmed into different variations from there. After weeks of designing and sketching, and then collaborating to discuss the designs, Cyclone had narrowed it down to a few designs that worked best with their anticipated brand. From there, GRAYBOX created digital designs with varying color, sizes, and textures. Once there was a collection of a few designs in hand, Cyclone and GRAYBOX collaborated to discuss the pros and cons of each design and which fonts, colors, and icons would pair best with their photography and other branding elements.

We’re real­ly proud of the rebrand we did for Cyclone Bicy­cle Sup­ply — we worked close­ly with their mar­ket­ing team to rethink their audi­ence, their brands and how they are best pre­sent­ed in the mar­ket. We real­ly cap­tured the spir­it of rugged adven­ture in their new look.

Paul Weinert, Managing Principal / Founder at GRAYBOX

Our Results

GRAYBOX worked with Cyclone to create a new brand idenity system reflective of their furture brand vision.

Cyclone’s newly designed brand paved the way for implementing long-term marketing success for the bicycle shop company. Their custom logo and vision allowed GRAYBOX to continue their partnership with Cyclone and move forward in creating website and other digital-related improvements. The brand discovery this project prompted made all future digital endeavors simpler to understand and a story that was easy to translate and recreate.

  • 60,000
    Products Under One Brand
  • 8
    New Brand Assets