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Account Strategist

Bonny Mueller

A good day, turns into a good week, turns into a good life

Bonny Mueller

The Leap

I am originally from Louisville, KY and though nearly 20 years in Portland has cemented my status as a NW local, I still haven't lost my southern charm. I love cooking, gardening, and entertaining with friends.

I joined GRAYBOX in the Spring of 2019 after spending the previous 18 years as a Marketing & Ecommerce Director for Direct to Consumer brands. The switch to a digital agency spoke to my adventurous and creative spirit. It was exciting to embrace each new challenge and find that unique solution. I enjoy being a passionate brand advocate for each of our partners and I gain inspiration on daily from my amazing coworkers!

In my spare time you'll find me biking around Portland with my family, playing silly games with my daughter and exploring the beautiful PNW in our 1981 Westy, Fira Dunes.

What are three things still left on your bucket list?

#1. Backpacking throughout Europe with my wife. (sorry kiddo, adult only trip!)

#2. Renovating a school bus to explore the country with my family and documenting the experience.

#3. Completing the Portland to Seattle Bicycle Classic