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Data and Reporting Analyst

Evan Davison

Don’t be afraid to look beyond the num­bers, even though they’re usu­al­ly right.

Evan Davison

Life with Evan Davison

Born and raised in San Francisco, Evan finally feels transitioned into life in the Pacific Northwest. Evan has spent the first four years in Portland as a student athlete at Lewis and Clark College, and graduated in 2018 with a double major in both Physics and Math. He spent his four years of college living on campus, with his final year at Lewis and Clark as an RA, all while having the pleasure of spending his first summer in Portland as an Intern for GRAYBOX. He has since fallen in love with Portland and could not pass up the opportunity to work full time for GRAYBOX.

Evan has always had an interest in technology, stemming from video games as a child, and has finally found himself in the tech industry. He spent summer 2017 as a Technology Services Intern with BioMarin, a pharmaceutical company, but quickly learned that the pharmaceutical industry might not be for him. He has now found himself in the tech industry with GRAYBOX working as a Data and Reporting Analyst, allowing him to really put the math degree to the test here. Eventually, he wants to find himself on the development side of the tech world, but also needs a break from education.

Evan is an avid hooper and loves all facets of basketball. Outside of work, you can find Evan in a gym, teaching himself how to cook or relaxing playing video games year round, or watching sports in all months other than July and August.

What’s the most awkward thing that happens to you on a regular basis?

Everyday, I come to work to a beautiful sunrise and get to admire the eastside of Portland from my desk. Not only do I get to absorb the sight of the always bustling MLK Boulevard, I get to hear all the alluring sounds of the city — ranging from the elegant sound of a train passing by for 20 minutes to an occasional siren here and there. All in the while, I have to awkwardly listen to the clatter of footsteps while also holding eye contact from people walking up and down the stairs to the office, due to the strategic placement of my desk that sits right under the stairs.