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Sr. Developer

Ivan Darashkevich

Think twice, say nothing.

Ivan Darashkevich

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Ivan has always loved computers, but never used them to play video games - Ivan worked with computers technically. Every time he hopped on a computer, he was looking for ways to improve their systems. Ivan learned development and PHP in 2003 and has been locked into it ever since, having always loved that side of technology.

Prior to GRAYBOX, Ivan worked for eight years at a software company that built extensions for Magento and other CMS platforms. Ivan has over a decade of experience in web development that prepared him to work as a Magento expert at GRAYBOX. He loves working on complex projects and digging through tricky issues to find solutions even if that means learning and adapting to new technology. The partners he works with will never see him start a project he can't finish, no matter how detailed or challenging.

Ivan is originally from Belarus. In his free time, Ivan enjoys being with his wife and son. They love to explore the natures of Oregon, often fishing, hiking and enjoying the nearby waterfalls. Ivan loves to watch soccer as well, a sport he used to play often growing up.

If you were running for office what would your campaign slogan be?

If I were running for office, I'd want people to know the core qualities of who I am throughout my campaigns so my slogan would likely be: Experienced, dependable, effective