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Account Strategist

Jeremy Brochue

The object isn’t to make art, it’s to be in that won­der­ful state which makes art inevitable.

Robert Henri, The Art Spirit

Collaborate, create, iterate.

Jeremy brings a wide range of experience and education to working with our partners. He grew up in the midwest but escaped the long cold winters for the sun and fun of Miami, FL to study Fine Arts: Painting, Focused on the philosophy and craft of creating great work conflicted with the superficiality of daily life in Miami wore thin. In search of a more sustainable life and a culture that took environmental concerns seriously, as well as the ability to spend more time in the outdoors, moving to the Pacific Northwest became inevitable.

After years of juggling a painting practice and working in bars by night Jeremy started studying web development and design, eventually landing an internship that changed the trajectory of his career. With 5+ years in agency life and experience managing projects on the client side, he is comfortable with modern development processes, budget and team management, numerous CRM systems, ERP management and Ecommerce platforms. Jeremy’s years of working in the service industry he developed the skill to work adaptively as projects shift needed although his strength is in planning and process to provide projects with the structure to succeed.

When he isn’t working on projects for GRAYBOX you’ll find him in his yard/garden chasing chickens out of his raised beds, fishing for salmon, or hiking in the Gorge.

If you had to pick one age to be permanently, which age would you choose? Why?

15 - It is such a sweet spot where you're just realizing yourself and the person you will become begins to emerges. At 15 you're old enough that you get the freedom to go out on a Friday night, you can get a job to buy the thing you want and everyone is still car-free so hanging out entails locations you can walk or ride your bike to. There is certainly a lot of angst at that age, but that's half the fun too.