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Office Manager

Kerri Lingo

The more the mer­ri­er. Do your best every day. Bring me the money.

Kerri Lingo

How did I get here?

Kerri is an integral part of the Administration Team here at GRAYBOX as the Office Manager. She assists Dan Ryerson with the finances, Human Resources and all other admin related tasks. Partners will most likely get to know her through her invoicing emails which usually refer to some National Day of the year that she hopes brings a good laugh or smile to everyone.

She didn't start her career in administration. She first taught history in the local high schools in the Vancouver area for several years before going back to school to obtain a few more degrees (4 in total). Education and learning are very important to her and she strives to continuously engage and challenge herself to not only assist the staff but also our partners.

In her downtime, Kerri can be found reading, watching sports and traveling. She and her husband, Chad, have recently been bitten by the travel bug after going to England for the second time in 2 years. They also just recently rehomed/adopted a big, black lab named Khloe, from a coworker and they are absolutely in love with her.

If you could add a person on Mount Rushmore who would it be, why?

The Presidents that are carved into the stone face of the Black Hills are: George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, and Theodore Roosevelt. These individuals represent birth, growth, development, and preservation, but they also represent a whitewashing of history. The Black Hills were settled and revered by the Lakotas and several other indigenous tribes, and it was removed from them forcibly, with destructive consequences to these peoples. A strong leader and advocate for his people, Red Cloud, would be my choice as the next face of Mt. Rushmore to add inclusivity to the attributes of the carving.