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Business Analyst

Lissa Meade

There is no such thing as a prob­lem with­out a gift for you in its hands. You seek prob­lems because you need their gifts.

Richard Bach

The GRAYBOX Swiss Army Knife

Lissa, a Corvallis native, joined GRAYBOX in 2015 as a project manager after spending 5 years in a diverse role leading website projects for clients in the financial sector. Proving herself as a dynamic and resourceful team player, Lissa now serves as a Business Analyst. Lissa is both helpful and entrepreneurial by nature, and a versatile Swiss Army knife of skills.

Although she began as a project manager, she has filled multiple roles here at GRAYBOX. She is experienced with systems administration, marketing automation administration, business operations, sales operations, resource management, website implementations, technical SEO, and has even helped run a sister startup company. Unafraid of taking on tasks in unfamiliar territory, her true passion is learning about the unknown and expanding her aptitude as a generalist. She takes pleasure in business process improvement, solving complex challenges, and digging into the details. She feels the most accomplished when she finds a way to make the impossible possible.

In her free time, you are most likely to find Lissa outdoors with her 100-pound black lab, Porter. She enjoys chanterelle hunting through thick PNW forests, floating the river with her friends, camping in uncut areas, fishing and crabbing, and relaxing on sandy beaches wherever she can find them.

What’s a trip that changed you?

I visited Japan for the first time in the Spring of 2015 and had the experience of a lifetime. My friend and I backpacked across the western side of the country for two weeks, and we were lucky enough to do it during cherry blossom season, which was incredibly beautiful. We hopped from town to town via train and visited castles, gardens, teahouses, shrines, markets, Mount Fuji, and even went to a Sumo match. We ate a plethora of new dishes, recipes that I never would have been brave enough to try here at home, or even be exposed to; even the 7-11s were stocked with the most amazing food. I really enjoyed the people, how respectful they were, and how willing to go completely out of their way to help a couple of lost travelers. It was also shocking to see how clean everything was, how well public transportation ran, and the total lack of crime.

My favorite part was my visit to my father's hometown of Matsue. I was able to finally meet my aunts and cousins, and we spent some time getting to know each other. I stayed with my grandmother, who cooked delicious Japanese meals and showed me the sights, including Matsue Castle, one of the last remaining original castles in Japan. I was even invited to visit my Aunt's ryokan for a bath, making for a truly wonderful final night with my family.