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Technical Project Manager

Zach Cronin-Hurley

Give me six hours to chop down a tree, and I will spend the first four sharp­en­ing the axe

Zach Cronin-Hurley

Zach was born in raised in sunny Orlando Florida. As a theme park native raised by a naturally inquisitive family, he quickly learned to appreciate the intersection of art and technology. Zach grew to love that moment where a new piece of tech unlocks a new creative opportunity and makes you go “wow, I’ve never seen something do that before.”

After a somewhat unconventional career including running a local non profit robotics team and being an executive at a medical device startup, Zach found his love of project management & business strategy while working as a mechanical engineer in the energy industry.

His favorite part of working at GRAYBOX is getting the opportunity to apply project management tools to delivering beautiful technology experiences.In Zach’s free time he loves screenwriting, playing with his cat and dog, and working on home improvement projects with his family.