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A Digital New Year’s Resolution


It’s that time of year where many of us reflect on the past and consider the future. As a developer, I find myself tackling projects using the same tools and programming languages I always use because I am comfortable with them. But this is no way to stay abreast of all the changes happening in technology around me.

Accomplished in 2014

At the beginning of 2014, I challenged myself to create a project with two newer technologies I had not used before. In the end, I created a web application that searches for FontAwesome icons using EmberJS, and I also built a tool that other developers can use to create mock-up sites using Jekyll.

Why? Growth. To avoid becoming complacent or stagnant in my career.

Goals for 2015

What technical challenges are you going to take on in 2015? A language you haven’t used before? Or could you benefit from learning more about the technology you already know like jQuery, CSS3, and HTML5? This is the year I’ll tackle the Go Programming Language and Haskell.

What is your digital New Year’s Resolution?

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