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Getting a quick Shopify or Wordpress site done well


At GRAYBOX we will often get requests for a simpler site with the need for a quick turnaround. Here is what that process looks like.

The kind of site we see come through with these needs are Informational and ecommerce. Pretty much any kind of website that you might need. This is how we do it.

  1. Clear Communication from start to finish
  2. Themes (Wordpress for informational sites and Shopify for ecommerce)
  3. One Site Review before testing (content edits and minor structural changes)
  4. Deadline Integrity

Clear Communication

This is all about expectations and deliverables. We like to get all of this on the table at a the kickoff meeting, and actually work it in the sales process. The heart here is that we want to do awesome work fast, and too many changes mid-project can kill both. As much as we can have trust and expectations set up front, the better it is for everyone. At the end of our projects we like the relationship to be stronger and built on more trust than when we started and have found that this has been mutually beneficial for us and our clients.


Themes are great for building a quality site quickly. Many are free, very cheap, are already responsive and are easy to modify for basic changes. As soon as a theme and basic modifications can be agreed on, the quicker a project can go. We are trying to get the process of deciding a theme started in the sales phase, and concluded no later than the kickoff meeting.

One Site Review

Getting the site you need is essential. Getting the site you want is important, but with a tight turn around you will need to move quickly. Deep structural change to your site will cost more time and money, slow momentum, and most of the time the changes are not necessary to reach the goals of the site. Setting up one major site review makes sure that we keep those goals central, allows for some preference to come into to play, but keeps the integrity of the deadline.

Deadline Integrity

As the deadline approaches we start tying off alterations, finishing content revisions, test and launch on time. Provided the other steps have been successful this is usually a joyful occasion, and the rewards are seen rapidly. From updates to a non-responsive site, to new sites, to old dead sites that need a complete overhaul, getting a new site out with basic SEO built in that is mobile responsive sees instant traffic increases and conversions.

Do you have a dead static site that needs an overhaul, or an eComm store that isn't converting? Contact us and let us know how we can help turn that around for you.

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