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Three Ways to Sell An Expensive Product Online


Commerce is moving online (and has been for years) but most people still have some concern about making purchases on a website, especially when what you're planning on buying costs a lot of money. So, how do you sell an expensive product online? Here are three ways to improve your sales.

1.Sell the Investment

Potential customers are shopping for value. They're comparing your product to competitors. Why is your product more expensive than others? You've invested time and money creating this product, but your potential customers don't know that. It's time to tell your story. Focusing on engineering, manufacturing process, and the thought behind your product help make it more valuable to a customer. Dyson Vacuums does a fantastic job selling their story.

Sell the Investment

The Dyson vacuums landing page includes videos, describes features, and makes guarantees asserting that their product is a better investment than the competition's. Dyson then dovetails into highlighting all of the engineered features that make the product seem like the sexiest vacuum on the market.

2.Create a Digital Showroom

Often a customer really wants to buy a product, but they just can't pull the trigger without seeing the product in the real world and touching it in a physical space. The key here is to replicate tactile concepts in a digital world with content, imagery, and cleverness. Apple's Mac Pro product overview is an excellent example of this tactic. Every angle, feature, and inner working of the new Mac Pro is covered in detail as if you're really taking the machine apart.

Digital Showroom

Apple's iPhone 5c page allows you to mix and match their colored phones with all of their cases, as if you were in the Apple Store annoying the teenage sales guy. These little details make a customer more comfortable and more at ease with clicking that 'buy now' button.

iPhone 5c

3.Sell Value

People who are spending more money on a product are typically also doing more research before buying. It's your job to provide that information. The Nest thermostat website not only does a great job showcasing their product, they also do an amazing job at showing the customer the savings their product will provide in a simple, easy-to-digest manner. They've quickly identified a cost issue relatable to nearly every home owner and shown how their product will solve that problem. Why would a customer buy any other thermostat?

Sell Value

It's a long road to move commerce to the Internet exclusively. Customers will always have unique issues and concerns when buying online, especially when a product costs a lot of money. Incorporating these three tactics into your online store can help ease your customers' fear and might help increase your sales.

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