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Tips for Designing Successful Landing Pages

Great landing pages are critical for effective inbound marketing campaigns — they distill your message down to one key action, thus simplifying it and boosting engagement. But reduction in design is hard — how do we get down to the essential elements to make the sale more effectively? Our marketing team can help you boost your conversion rates and make your landing pages perform better.

To start, let's give you a few tips.

  1. Start with a theory, test and measure that theory, and repeat — A/B (also called Multi-variant) testing is the key here. Start with a baseline control and make a change to it based on your hypothesis. Run the campaign and measure the results — which performs better? Repeat. Over time you'll dramatically increase your rates and you'll KNOW exactly what resonates best with your audience.
  2. State one simple message and a compelling offer to the message — people don't buy / signup / call for nothing, they hire or buy based on a need. Articulate that need and provide them with a solution to it.
  3. Persuade based on objections to your offer, not just about it — think through the reasons why a prospect might NOT convert and write to these objections. Too expensive? Explain why it's a steal. They've never heard of you? Give them a reason to trust you. By covering the objections, you'll giving multiple opportunities to bring them over to your side.
  4. Repeat the call to action — you don't know when someone will be persuaded, so repeat your call multiple times as you go through the copy. They might sign up right away, but others need to see your awards, testimonials, tables/charts, etc.

Contact us here at GRAYBOX for additional insight into effective landing page design — we offer a free two-hour marketing consultation so we can get to know your business. We'd love to help you reach your audience better.

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