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Week Two With the GRAYBOX Interns


The second week with the interns from Epicodus started off with a clear outline from Paul for the time-audit-automation project that Anna-Marie and Bryce have been assigned. Dan, Mark, and Kerri contributed to the outline, which helped them organize a project plan and divide up the tasks between themselves. This entailed a lot of background research on various tools and technologies. Neither of them are familiar with the tech stack MAMP, MySQL, Jira, or any PHP outside of what they saw in week one. One of the biggest takeaways from week two was the project plan. They came up with an evolving list of objectives and deadlines to meet in order to track their progress over the remaining six weeks.

On the QA side, Bryce continued his work with Jacques and practiced ghosting for a several websites to better understand ghost inspector's capability. He focused on setting up ghosts for older accounts and testing functionality for mobile and desktop screens. The goal was to get all of the tests passing, before moving on to other suites to make sure those were passing too.

Meanwhile, Anna-Marie spent a lot of her time diving into the code base, and manipulating the data from the Accelo API that we are using for the time-audit-automation project. By the end of the week she was able to successfully pull from the API, loop through the pages of returned items, and then store them successfully into one massive array. By Friday she was starting to use MAMP and the phpMyAdmin to set up the local MYSQL database.

They are excited to get this project working. It has been interesting for them to use their previous coding knowledge and apply it to this project. While they may not know PHP, they can use the logic and concepts that they gained at Epicodus and apply it to what they are doing here. The ideas of arrays, looping, etc. are still there. They just have to learn how to express ourselves in this new language!

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