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Event at GRAYBOX

Amazon’s Impact: The Evolution of Ecommerce

Amazon's Impact: The Evolution of Ecommerce

Ecommerce Portland is returning to GRAYBOX with a presentation by RunAMZ's Corey Thomas: Amazon's Impact: The Evolution of Ecommerce. Let's not kid ourselves, Amazon is a beast. More product searches are started on Amazon than Google. If you are trying to get a product or store seen on Amazon, it isn't always easy because there is a ton of competition. Corey Thomas knows Amazon and he know how to get your products to move. It's why he started RunAMZ. Not only do his customers move more product using Amazon, but they are able to increase brand awareness and learn from his insights and newsletters. Now Corey will be presenting to the Ecommerce Portland Meetup to share what he has learned over the last couple years. It hasn't always been easy, but as his customers can tell you, Corey's tactics work and work well.