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Event at GRAYBOX

Ecommerce Meetup: Reclaiming Revenue – 4 Strategies for Online Stores

Ecommerce Meetup: Reclaiming Revenue – 4 Strategies for Online Stores

Despite 23% growth each year in the ecommerce industry, over 90% of online retailers fail after their 5th year. Of those retailers who succeed, many are missing opportunities to boost revenue, average order values and customer loyalty. Never fear, help is here, in this next session we'll discuss four actionable strategies to identify these shortcomings and systematically improve store growth. We'll kick off the fall with Jeff Bronson, the guru behind Ecommerce Warriors. He's been on both sides ‚ started and ran a successful ecommerce business (changing ecom platforms three times!), and then held several agency positions as Director of Digital Strategy, having helped over 100 ecommerce brands sell more online. This is going to be a great session with Jeff's sharing some of his know-how with us. We're sure you'll learn what to do, and not to do, to ensure you're maximizing your store's potential.