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Event at FEI Virtual Webinar

Finding ROI in Modern Marketing — 5 Impactful KPIs

Finding ROI in Modern Marketing - 5 Impactful KPIs

This week, our very own Marketing Practice Director, Neil Sniffen, led a webinar to the FEI Portland chapter focused on finding ROI in modern digital marketing.
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Topics included how to evaluate your industry, top 5 mutual KPIs to watch as a team, talking about short and long-term plans and modern technologies and which of these technologies to keep at the forefront. To many, bringing up the term ‘ROI’ in an executive meeting can trigger significantly different reactions from financial professionals than it does from marketing professionals – and for good reason. For decades, attributing market spend to successful campaigns has been based on ‘feel’ much more than the metrics, KPIs, and transparency that financial professionals know and love.

However, it is now 2020 and with the evolution of how B2B/B2C consumers discover, research, interact, and purchase from our companies has come a mountain of technologies with absolutely massive amounts of analytical capabilities. Modern marketing is now a metrics-based game - and with that change comes new opportunities for internal communication, alignment and prospects.