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SWOG Cancer Research Center

Rebranding Strategy

SWOG Cancer Research Center, formerly known as Southwest Oncology Group, was working to rename their site. Because their sole purpose is working to conduct clinical trials within cancer research, they needed a name and brand to reflect that. As they voted on an improved name, they needed a brand to match the name and for it to then be integrated seamlessly within their website. This is when SWOG found GRAYBOX. GRAYBOX worked to redesign the brand identity of SWOG as they transitioned into a name that represented their brand purpose more effectively.

The GRAYBOX team cre­at­ed a new logo for us to reflect a name change and update our look. The project was tough – a long list of restric­tions and a short turn­around time. And they did it! We love our new logo, and got to work with a team that was fast, respon­sive, and cre­ative. Thanks, GRAYBOX!

Wendy Lawton, Communications Manager, SWOG Cancer Research Center

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