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Technical Writing

Technical writing is about accuracy, brevity, and precision. Conveying perfectly accurate information in a clear way is paramount.

Accurately Explain Complex Topics

Technical copy is a special form of writing that is hard to master. It’s brief, precise and, well, technical.

Technical writing is like writing in another language. Gone are unnecessary words, imagery, or flowery language. Rather every sentence is constructed to be as clearly understandable as possible and as simple as possible.

As such, Technical writing is often used in handbooks, legal documents, engineers' specifications, API documentation, assembly instructions, etc — anything where clarity and simplicity of communication is paramount. As writers, we must know when the use of technical writing is appropriate and when it's okay to let loose a little bit. If you use the wrong language format in the wrong situation, it's an amazingly fast way to really annoy your customers — no one wants to read API documentation with a creative slant. Likewise, a technical email newsletter isn't going to hold attention for long.

Technical writing is rooted in research and thus the writer must have a deep understanding of the product or application before they write anything. A technical writing document is 75% preparation and 25% execution.

GRAYBOX can help write your technical content with anything we've built for you, or anything that we research for the intent of writing technical documentation.

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