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Creative Writing

Creative writing is vivid writing. You can paint a mental picture and convey bigger themes and ideas with words.

Paint a Word Picture

Creative copy in a business context may seem strange, but creative writing is used to convey big ideas- hook your audience and paint a picture in their mind. Without it, your products would be dull.

Writing for creative impact is the default state of most copywriting — although we don't think of it as such. We write to invoke moods, explain concepts, to educate and to storytell. These are creative acts as they are about me (the writer) injecting you (the reader) with some sort of specific thought. Yet if we add the term "Creative" to this idea, we start thinking of like trolls, science fiction and Harry Potter — nothing that has a place in a business context.

We fully reject this idea and believe that every business benefits by injecting creativity, fun and your unique business spirit into your writing. To educate, you must also entertain. To engage, you must hold their attention. To sell, you must persuade. Effective creative writing does all the things.

Plus creative writing is fun — it helps people feel happy, and everyone wants people to feel happy when they are working with their brand.

When we write creatively for you, we first get to know and understand your brand and it's unique tone — then we adopt this language and craft content that tells your story in fun, dynamic and unique ways.

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