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GRAYBOX Opens Mexico City Office

We’re proud to announce that we’ve opened up our first international office in Mexico City.

We’re excited and proud to announce that we’ve opened up our first international office in Mexico City, Mexico. Mexico City is a vibrant and exciting city that is just chock-full of creative & technical talent. We believe that the ability to hire and staff a team is Mexico City will be instrumental to the ongoing success of GRAYBOX for years to come.

GRAYBOX has quite the international team. Even here in Portland, we've had team members from Madagascar, Turkey, France, China, Belarus, Spain, Mexico and Ecuador. In addition, we’ve built up a remote workforce in Columbia, Mexico, Nicaragua and Argentina in the last year. While not intentionally hiring for international diversity, we’ve found numerous cultural benefits from having such an international team.

Opening an official office in Mexico City is the next step in our constant evolution. Our goal is to staff about 1/3 of our production-level consultants (non-senior) in Mexico City, as well as the entirety of our Client Support team. Over the next few years, we think we’ll easily get to 15 people in Mexico City, probably 5-7 in the next twelve months.

The Mexico City team will be fully connected with our Portland office, collaborating daily in all our practices and with our clients. The office will operate in English, and full written & verbal fluency is a core requirement to enable great communication. We also think the teams will travel frequently between each other.

As a city of over 25 million people, Mexico City has a massive and diverse talent pool, which is perfect for our work. Mexico has invested heavily in both art and technology, enabling a new generation of 20-30 year old professionals. As such, other tech companies like Amazon, Facebook, Google, Sony and Microsoft all have their Latin American hubs in Mexico City.

The Mexico City office is located right in Downtown, home to a vibrant art scene and very close to multiple technical/engineering schools.

Leading our efforts in Mexico City, we were lucky to find and hire Fernando Candia. Fernando is a seasoned agency professional having started multiple agencies over the last few years. He’s an expert-level developer, as well as a former UX designer, and we have full belief that he’s the right choice to help us contextualize GRAYBOX’s unique culture and approach into the new Mexico City team.

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