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Medium Business Ecommerce Solutions: Magento 2, BigCommerce Enterprise Solutions, and Shopify Plus

Which is the best platform for your ecommerce business? At GRAYBOX, ecommerce is a bit of a sweet spot and we love getting this question because the answer really is‚ it depends on your particular business case. Different brands will lend themselves to various shopping experiences and every online retail business has different sales models and revenue. Our ecommerce team and our developers, strategists, designers, and business operations experts end up building in a wide variety of platforms so that sites truly meet the needs of the seller.

The good news is, our ecommerce team has prepared an analysis of the most important pro's and con's for these three platforms and has some recommendations for you in the form of a whitepaper download. In addition to this whitepaper, we've also made an awesome, exhaustive features list chart so that you can compare Magento 2 Enterprise Solutions, Shopify Plus, andBigCommerce Enterprise Solutions side by side.

Insights and commentary in this whitepaper cover:

  • Catalog Organization‚ how products are structured and configured on each platform and what sort of businesses they're good for
  • The Shopping Experience‚ how each platform varies in terms of design and browsing and what that means for your store
  • Pricing‚ a look at these platforms' different pricing models and our recommendations on which works best for what kind of business

For a sneak peek at what's included in the download, you can start reading below with the Catalog Organization section.

To continue reading, download the rest of whitepaper via the form below. The download will also include a very detailed comparison chart of Magento 2 Enterprise Solutions, Shopify Plus, and BigCommerce Enterprise Solutions that looks at the following comparison points:

  • License & Pricing
  • Hosting, Technology & Performance
  • Multi-site & International Features
  • Product Details & Features
  • Promotional & Marketing Features Including Dynamic Marketing
  • Search & Categorization
  • Checkout & Payment Functionality
  • Shipping Options
  • Customer Accounts & Admin Features

Feeling overwhelmed?

Choosing the right ecommerce platform is highly influential to the success of your business and there is a lot to consider. We'd encourage you not to make the decision lightly. If all this information is a bit too much to process, we got you. Our team loves helping ecommerce businesses figure out what platform is best fit for them‚ get in touch! We'd be happy to hear from you to see how we can help.

Ready to dig in?

If you're not overwhelmed and you're ready to sink your teeth into the recommendations and feature audit we've prepared, read on! If you'd like even more info than this, check out some of our other whitepapers and feature charts comparing Shopify Advanced to Shopify Plus, a comparison of the various Magento editions, or our blog post on how much Magento 2 costs.


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