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Tell Your Web Designer Everything


Have you been planning on rolling out a new website for your company? Have you hired a web designer to help make it happen? Yes? Great! Now what?

The most important thing to remember when working with a web designer is that they don’t know you. They probably don’t know how your product is made or why people love it. They probably don’t know how you handle sales calls, or how you’re really popular in that one area of the world. They probably don’t know who you’re biggest competitors are. This is why you need to tell your designer everything you can about your business.

Talk about yourself. A Lot.

Your web designer probably isn’t an expert in your industry. Nothing should be left to assumptions. Pretend they’re a new employee just starting out at your company. How do you gather leads? How do you process orders? Where do you see your company in ten years? Your designer needs to feel like they’re a part of what you do. They’re representing you. The more they know, the better you’ll look.

If your business were a person…

Re-imagining your company as a human being with a personality helps describe to your web designer how you want to speak to your audience. How would your company talk? What kind of clothes would they wear? What kind of car would they drive? What would they do for fun? What other companies would they be friends with? Knowing your company personality is extremely important in projecting a clear message to your audience. After all, if you can’t tell your designer about yourself, how do you expect them to tell others about you?

Let your designer be free to design.

You hired your designer to solve problems. Now that they know everything about your successes and struggles, they’re ready to dig in and develop some new ideas to help you succeed. It’s important to let them do that! If you want to get the most bang for your buck it’s important to stay out of their way. They are an expert at what they do. Think the logo needs to be bigger? Don’t really care for that certain shade of blue? Well that certain shade of blue resonates with your audience, not you. Personal preferences can often lead a sub-par website, but a good web designer knows how to make your company appealing to your target audience.

Hiring a great web designer can make a huge difference in your company’s success. If you’re looking for someone to help you take your online identity to the next level, GRAYBOX happens to have a few designers that could help fine tune your vision. Feel free to contact us.

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