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Three tools every Sales Director should have



AffinityLive is our CRM of choice here at GRAYBOX. They are constantly rolling out new features and functionality on the project management side of the CRM, and always willing to hear our ideas on how they can simplify their system, especially on the sales end to make life easier for a person who is always on the go (we are especially excited for the new mobile app when the time comes).

AffinityLive does a great job of centralizing the bulk of tasks you will perform as a Sales Director, from follow ups, to-do lists, composing email from the CRM (both individual and campaigns), functions for logging calls, notes, and meetings, customizable sales progressions, time tracking‚ you name it, they've thought of it. It is an essential tool to increase productivity and maximize efficiency for your sales staff.


Quoteroller is an online service we use here at GRAYBOX to provide estimates for our clients. It allows you to templatize commonly used sections (and fee structures if needed), such as your project management process. Allowing optional line items, multiple templates, on and offline viewing, and in-depth analytics ‚ Quoteroller is a must for anyone who delivers formal estimates.


RightSignature is another tool that can shorten the sales process a bit, by providing your clients the ability to e-sign. The reasons vary, but whether it be a —green— client, or someone who prefers the convenience, we've had a great client response with this tool. No matter the reason, this is a great service which GRAYBOX is very happy to offer to our clients.

RightSignature expedites deals, provides security and convenience for the client, and also serves as a centralized backup source for all of your signed documents. They even go as far as allowing you to determine the order of signers, so if you have numerous countersigning activities it can greatly speedup the process.

Using any one, or all three of these tools in combination accomplishes one major goal, freeing up time. In doing so, it allows your sales team to spend more time doing what they're being paid to do, and that's maximizing revenue.

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