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Why Use Remarketing?


A sad truth for all businesses and their websites is that not every visitor will complete an action the first time they visit you. The likelihood is high that your visitors will periodically retreat to scope out your competition, especially if your business contains a particularly long sales cycle or its products are spendy enough to warrant extra consideration.

So - how do you stay in visitors brains after they leave?

Unless your website has an annoying jingle that seizes control of their subconscious, your best option is remarketing.

To summarize over-simplistically, remarketing (sometimes called "retargeting") is the practice of utilizing a tool to track all of the previous visitors to your website then subsequently "following" those visitors around the internet with an advertisement.

The benefits of remarketing are numerous.

Why Use Remarketing?

The most immediately positive and tangible benefit of remarketing is a high conversion rate. The people you are targeting have already visited your website previously, therefore they are more likely than your average internet user to purchase from you or complete the desired action. They considered you once and now they're coming back. Congratulations! You're a member of the approved club.

Perhaps equally as important is the cost - or lack thereof. Remarketing remains an exceptionally cheap option in comparison to other forms of digital advertising, with average cost per clicks usually hovering well below the $1 plateau. Would you spend $100 to bring 100 previous visitors back to your website for a second attempt at a sale? For most business owners the answer is yes.

A third benefit of remarketing is the possibility of extreme granularity. Segments can be created that show different ads to different people depending on which pages of your website they viewed. In other words, if your website sells both cupcakes and ice cream, you can show one set of ads to people who viewed your cupcake page and an entirely separate set of ads to people who viewed your ice cream page. The possibilities here are limited only by your imagination.

fourth, less tangible, benefit of remarketing is the idea that you are constantly bombarding people with your business name. Because remarketing operates on a cost per click basis, every time your ad is displayed and is not clicked, the cost of displaying your ad is completely free. With thousands and potentially tens of thousands of free impressions every month, it is possible that somebody will return to your website (without clicking on the ad) simply because you successfully hammered your business name into their brain.

For additional, more complex, details on how remarketing can benefit your business, contact GRAYBOX and we can outline a plan that fits the specific needs of your business.

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