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Digital Advertising

Place your business alongside relevant search results (PPC ads) or on social feeds (display ads) and maximize your budget with untapped terms.

Spend your marketing budget with measurable results

Digital advertising is a competitive process of bidding against other businesses and securing the rights to promote your brand against terms that are relevant to your digital strategy.

People head to search engines first for just about any online task — it's the home of the internet, and we depend on the internet more and more. It used to mean that Online advertising indicated just search engine ads (PPC) or display ads embedded onto other pages, but today social media ads are also among the most important places to promote your brand.

As such, we work with you to determine your online advertising strategy in a holistic way. We do research on where your audience congregates online and build a well-rounded strategy to be ever-present to your ideal customers.

Practically, this works most often with Google Ads, Facebook / Instagram Ad Manager and Linkedin Ads. We also work with Amazon, Bing, Twitter, and various display & influencer ad networks.

We also believe that active management is the best way to ensure staying within your budget and still produce the best results. We don't set it and forget it, only checking in once a month; rather we are deeply ingrained into the campaign management and day-to-day optimization of your campaign.

GRAYBOX typically does online ad management on a monthly retainer basis, so we have monthly reports and meetings to keep everyone on the same page about the results and new opportunities.

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Narrow Targets

Search engine advertising drives high conversions because the audience has already demonstrated interest.

Researched Terms

GRAYBOX incorporates targeted keywords to weed out irrelevant searches and unlikely sales.

Affordable Campaigns

Pay-per-click campaigns can scale for any budget, and GRAYBOX search specialists identify overlooked terms that give you greater value.

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