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Photography & Illustrations

Visual content like photography, infographics & illustrations are essential assets to all your marketing efforts. We help produce all the materials your team needs to visually tell your story.

Graphics Are Essential

We create compelling visual design elements that augment your written content in all your various media channels.

Great graphics take time. Time for planning. Time for concepting. Time for revisions. We can help you make your graphics great.

It’s a cliche that a picture tells a thousand words, but that’s too true in a fast-paced, digital-first world. Infographics, Illustrations and Photography can tell a story faster that words. And since users consistently demonstrate a poor appetite for reading any length of text, imagery can help convey your message quickly.

The problem is that visual elements take time and require a specialist skill set to create.

At GRAYBOX we have production designers that help leverage your existing brand and visual guidelines to create compelling graphics quickly and efficiently. These images can then be used throughout your business in a variety of mediums.


Great imagery is the keystone for many brands. We help you tell a visual story or highlight your products in a compelling way.


Great infographics can tell a story better than raw data sometimes. We create graphics that stick.


Illustrations invoke a mood and personality in a way that traditional photography just doesn’t. We can create anything imaginable as a hand-drawn or digital illustration.

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