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Award-Winning Growth at GRAYBOX


We are stoked to share that GRAYBOX received an award from the Portland Business Journal for placing 9th among the fastest growing private companies in Portland in June of 2016! We have grown more than 300% in the last two years and we chalk that success to our common belief in helpfulness.

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It's not just GRAYBOX that believes in being helpful - it is a defining trait of Portland. People on the streets are polite and friendly. Portlanders also care for the environment, engage with the community, and fiercely celebrate local artists, local business owners, and local craftspeople. So it's not surprising that our fearless leader, PDX native Paul Weinert, would start a digital technology consulting firm and adopt helpfulness as its core value. What might surprise people is how much it's paid off.

An Emphasis on Partnerships, Not Projects

We enter our clients' lives at a really interesting point‚ a point at which they decide to invest in themselves. We see ourselves as stewards of our client's investments, so we're very focused on working hard, producing great work and doing it in a spirit of genuine helpfulness.

GRAYBOX forges partnerships with clients that reach beyond the project at hand. As a digital technology consulting firm, we don't merely execute a project and then disappear. A company's website is just one component of what can and should be a sophisticated digital system. GRAYBOX's solutions have far-reaching impacts into our clients' businesses including digital marketing presence, business operations, sales, content development and mobile apps. Custom-built digital solutions can automate processes for clients to relieve admin staff, and empower management with the data and marketing tools needed to attain growth goals.

At GRAYBOX, we believe in partnerships, not projects. If a client only chooses to do one project with us, we have missed an opportunity to be there for the client long-term. GRAYBOX is founded on a desire to help businesses succeed ‚ we want to be there for our clients. We're proud to be able to say that we've sustained a client retention rate of 95% and most clients have been with us for years. You could think of us as serial monogamists.

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Portland as a Concept

Portland is a city that operates on trust, reputation, and authenticity. GRAYBOX is 100-percent focused on working with companies in the Portland area and are supremely optimistic about the future of the region.

The uniquely attractive culture of Portland flows in our veins, and consequently we have attracted talent from corners of the world far and wide. We come from the Northwest. We come from the East Coast. We come from Ecuador, Ukraine, and France. But we all have one thing in common - we love working for GRAYBOX.

Moving on Up

GRAYBOX has grown so drastically since 2012 that we are soon relocating offices for the fourth time in seven years. Every previous office has been near Portland's burgeoning Southeast industrial corridor. GRAYBOX's earnest, no-frills ethos feels at home among the small manufacturers and other startups in the neighborhood. We move into our fourth office in the late summer of this year, located in the beautifully renovated Olympic Mills Building. We can't wait to soak in the view from the 7th floor and fire up the grill on our 2,000 sq. ft. deck!

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