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Revant Optics: Website Support Partnership & Product Integration 

Revant Optics came to GRAYBOX in 2017 after a recent web­site redesign. They were hop­ing for a sus­tain­able solu­tion for their rapid growth and expan­sion. GRAYBOX worked with Revant to over a series of months to eval­u­ate mod­ules for impor­tant updates patch­ing Magen­to on their new­ly designed site.

Overall Outcome

Revant engaged with GRAYBOX to have a reli­able tech com­pa­ny that could expand their dig­i­tal pres­ence as they expand­ed internally.

The Results

Revant Optics had a web­site that increased their rev­enue sig­nif­i­cant­ly and pro­duced more site traffic.

  • 43%
    Increase in Annual Revenue
  • 49%
    Increase in Pageviews
  • 14%
    Increased Conversion Rate

The Overall Problem

The idea of Revant Optics sparked in 2010 when they got their start selling replacement lenses for sunglasses. Now headquartered in Portland, Oregon, Revant has grown to also have their own line of branded sunglasses that launched in 2018. Given their audience, the company acquired nearly half of their revenue from mobile devices. While their site looked great, their mobile pages would reload each time a user wanted to selected a different lens color or quality. This made it difficult to go through the site seamlessly and, with already so much traffic generated on mobile, we knew that revenue would significantly increase if the speed of the site was improved. This would also ultimately allow the integration of new products on the site easier and sustainable long-term.

Revant needed to optimize their site within the Magento ecommerce platform with a partner that could help them grow, so they came to GRAYBOX for a sustainable, successful solution.

GRAYBOX has been a key part­ner for Revant over the past few years. They’ve helped make sig­nif­i­cant improve­ments to our site’s speed, sta­bil­i­ty, and user expe­ri­ence, which have all con­tributed to strong growth for our ecom­merce busi­ness. In addi­tion to sol­id tech­ni­cal exper­tise, they have worked hard to under­stand the unique aspects of our busi­ness to pro­vide valu­able guid­ance and strat­e­gy as we’ve nav­i­gat­ed the com­plex­i­ties of scal­ing an ecom­merce business.

Stephen Valesano, Digital Experience Manager, Revant

Our Solution

1. Leveraging Data to Make Decisions

Revant’s website launched in late 2016 with modern UX and UI design. While the updated site made significant improvements in what users saw and interacted with, they knew that it was just the foundation that they could build on as their business grew. For instance, from website analytics and A/B testing data on product pages, it was clear that users wanted to see what the different options were, leading to significant engagement with color and quality options on those pages. In close collaboration with the Revant team, GRAYBOX implemented some key UX improvements to accommodate their growing product set and streamline how customers were interacting with products, as well as give them more confidence that the color and quality combination was the right replacement lens product for them.

2. Product Structure Improvements within Magento

The user data indicating that customers wanted to interact with the product options — essentially “touch and feel” as much possible — was magnified on mobile. With a large mobile audience using the site on phones using slower cellular connections, the way that products were structured resulted in slow overall load times that necessitated waiting sometimes seconds to see specific product options. GRAYBOX re-architected how products fit together within Magento to make the interactions with lens color and quality options virtually instantaneous for users to go between.

3. Site Performance Improvements for Scale

Revant gets significant peaks of traffic at certain times of year, mostly during the late spring and summer months. The Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure they were on wasn’t tuned in a way that accommodated the increased traffic and performance suffered at times. GRAYBOX rebuilt their infrastructure stack to increase on-site performance and, more importantly, guard against performance declines when traffic peaked.

4. Integrated Revant Optics Branded Eyewear

Throughout the other site improvements, Revant was in the process of planning and manufacturing their own branded eyewear. This presented its own issues with the way that the site was originally designed and built — at a time when the business was singularly focused on the replacement lens industry — that the GRAYBOX team needed to work through. Without having to compromise on the load speed, Revant trusted GRAYBOX to incorporate their new products by architecting and implementing an updated product structure within Magento, as well as new category and product pages to support the launch. GRAYBOX helped Revant bring the new eyewear line of products to market in mid 2018, providing a seamless experience for customers.

Revant is real­ly try­ing to dis­rupt the eye­wear mar­ket and it’s been impres­sive to see the strides they’ve tak­en in doing so in the last few years. Between the vast array of replace­ment lens prod­ucts they con­tin­ue to roll out, and the invest­ment they have made in bring­ing their own eye­wear line to the mar­ket, we have been able to sup­port them in cre­at­ing a direct-to-con­sumer expe­ri­ence that aligns with their com­mit­ment to qual­i­ty and cus­tomer-first mentality.

David Hughes, VP of Strategy at GRAYBOX

Our Services

GRAYBOX worked with Revant to improve aspects of their site and marketing by providing a variety of services.

Our Results

Revant’s site performs significantly better than it ever has on the Magento ecommerce platform.

Revant’s site performs significantly better than it ever has on the Magento ecommerce platform. The site is setup to scale with the peaks of seasonal traffic and mobile users are no longer hamstrung by an experience that doesn’t accommodate their needs. Their site is now flexible enough to support 8x the number of SKUs they did at launch, including an entirely new category of sunglass products. Revant is a continuing partner with GRAYBOX and often works collaboratively to find simple solutions within their marketing efforts as well.

  • 43%
    Increase in Annual Revenue
  • 49%
    Increase in Pageviews
  • 14%
    Increased Conversion Rate