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Quick Tip: using LinkedIn Projects to show your work


One great and free way to market yourself is to use LinkedIn and have your company list the projects they've worked on. LinkedIn is growing in popularity, as is social media in general.

While businesses are still trying to measure the value of allocating resources from their marketing budgets to have an active social media presence and running social media campaigns, it's a fact that positive free press is always a good thing.

One way to make this happen is simply by having your company list their projects on employee LinkedIn profiles. This is good for those on the team of each project because they get to showcase their work. It is also good for the company because it automatically ties in all the connections each team member has to your company and the projects you have done.

LinkedIn Projects

At GRAYBOX we're getting interest from our LinkedIn connections seeing the work we do and realizing they have a personal connection to a company that does the kind of work they need. This provides a unique conversion funnel.

soft Lead > LinkedIn > personal connection > featured company Project > contact > hard lead

Notice that this lead has not have visited the company website or clicked an ad, they just went to a friend's social profile and a saw a project connected with a need they had. This is one of many reasons you should encourage your team to be active on social networks, and to showcase their work. Listing your projects on LinkedIn is one great way to build awareness.

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