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Animation is an effective and engaging way to tell a brand’s unique story and message, from web ads to tutorial videos and complex motion graphics.

Bringing static imagery to life through animation and motion graphics.

Leveraging multiple tools and techniques from After Effects, to Javascript, CSS, and 3D, we can work with you to deliver stunning content. Whether it's in-store videos or interactive billboards, we’ll work to design, develop, and bring your vision to life.

Reaching your customer and making an emotional connection is key to the success of any marketing or digital campaign and leveraging the power of animation can be a key tool in reaching that success. From a simple animated web ad strategically placed on a website to engaging animated tutorial videos that clearly and intelligently convey a complex message, motion graphics and animation can be an effective and engaging way to tell the unique story of a brand and engage your client at the moment you need to most.

At GRAYBOX, we take a hands on approach to animation development. Understanding that animation can be an important differentiator to your brand, we spend the time to understand your core needs, build out a stylistic approach that best works for you, and work hard to ensure that the process is as smooth as possible every step of the way. Leveraging animation to not only entertain and educate but to also elevate your message, engage an audience, and add clarity through carefully chosen imagery and motion, we can work with you to evaluate your creative needs and bring your idea to life in a way that best tells your specific brand or product story.

By leveraging multiple tools and techniques as we develop motion graphics and animation for your company, our team works alongside you to tell a unique story. Our team uses expertise and collective knowledge with tools such as After Effects, JavaScript, CSS, Maya, Blender, Modo, Illustrator, and Unity 3D to create both video and real-time content for your next project. Always starting with an idea, building out sketches, defining core storyboards, and creating detailed animatics before approaching the final animation, our team works closely with you throughout the process to ensure that your message is on brand, on message, and pixel perfect in both execution and output.

If you’re looking for an experienced team to bring digital solutions to life, GRAYBOX is looking forward to exploring your next project. We’ll apply our expertise across many technologies to design and build solutions tailored to your business needs, and help your organization succeed.

Web to Screen

From web to screen, animation allows you to create stunning products that are eye catching and unique.


Through simple messages or complex imagery, animation helps you deliver engaging content for your audience.


From simple ads to full length videos, animation is an effective way to tell your brand's story and communicate with unique style and messaging.

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